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Battleground Woes

So, uhm... yeah. Decided to screw around in the new battlegrounds last night a bit on my druid, so I quickly queue up for WSG... single queuing just to see how it'll go. I get into a battleground almost instantly, good so far, right? I get in, I'm the only one there against one Alliance... errr, ok. Waiting for the battle to start, expecting others to join soon... when the Alliance guy (a mage) drops in on my head, while the gates are still closed. Just kinda blinked, ss'd it, and didn't really think too much of it other than maybe there was a glitch with the BGs that they'd missed.

BG starts, run out, mount up... he's grabbed our flag, but I run over and grab theirs (a rogue had joined by this point, but managed to avoid him and get free to midfield). A couple other Horde join, in the end we're able to kill the mage and I cap the flag. Somewhere in this I notice that the BG has been up for 3 hours... so was a bit surprised when it capped. We go through the game and end up winning, 3-0... and then I sit there. It won't let me leave. Finally, asked on guild and someone said to just /afk out, you wouldn't get deserter. Tried it... and yep, no debuff. Odd.

Anyone have any clue what was up with the BGs last night? Half the time I'd get into games that had already finished and have to /afk out... always with no debuff. One time I entered a battle only to get spit out with an "instant not found" error. However, I couldn't requeue because it thought I was in the instance... had to queue for another BG to get it to reset. Messed around for an hour or two, and in that time I only had 1 game that actually had cross-server people and was near-full... most of them were 6-10 Horde vs 2-4 Alliance in AB.

What were things looking like from the Alliance side of things? And anyone hear any news about what's going on? Took the night off to spend some time with my sister-in-law who's going off to college tomorrow.
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