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Been a while since any posts here so figured I'd toss something up. (edit: just saw there was another post today, as I was typing this... rofl)

I have to admit, there are some definitely benefits to the x-realm bgs, but at the same time I definitely feel much more disconnected from the Alliance on Uther now. Used to be I could screw around some in the BGs during the week and actually somewhat get to know some of the Alliance. Now it seems like most of the time when I see Uther Alliance, it's as an organized group that's steamrolling whatever PUG I happen to be with at the time.

Though, that said, it was kinda interesting to get into a BG with Uther Alliance that had one of my ex-guildies (a group of them rerolled Alliance on Duskwood, made a guild and got up through like BWL and mebbe into aq40, then merged with another Alliance guild that ended up falling apart... and at least one transferred that char back to Uther), Saya.

It's been good to get back to raiding semi-full-time. Was doing well in Spite, then had a clump of our people leave for the Duskwood thingy. Ended up getting some to fill in the gaps, but we were slowly losing people to attrition and not filling in. Merged with Akai as they were having similar problems, forming Irony... but I had to leave a couple days after the guild was formed, since I had some work crap pop up. About a month later, the guild had changed quite a bit... many people had left, and they were again struggling with raids. This was right before server x-fers, so we had considered briefly transferring off... but we've been with Spite-become-Irony for about a year and a half now, so we ended up hopping back on and getting involved. After a couple months, we're actually back to making progress in Naxx and AQ40, with a fairly set raiding group and schedule. It feels good. It's great to be able to see the progress and see the guild performing better on content it had previously struggled with.

Of course the flip side of that is that Naxx is very consumable-oriented, so needing to ramp up my farming to keep up with our progress and attempts. Really glad I have a 60 herbalist that I can go pick some of the crap I need.
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