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Howdy. Thoght this would be a better place to post than worldofwarcraft, at least to start. I'm on Cenarius, which has a 2.4:1 Alliance:Horde ratio, and only 2,500 active Horde players despite the fact that its a 12/2004 realm. It's a dead end. I was looking on WoW Census for Pacific Time PVE realms with better ratios and more Hordies, and while Dragonblight is 1.3:1, it has no players. Uther, it turns out, has the best ratio of all large PST PVE realms, at 1.8:1. And it has 7,500 active Horde. I'm thinking of transferring.

The reason I'm concerned with those stats is twofold: better ratio = better "world PvP" and less gear disparity between factions; 3x as many Horde = several more advanced, serious guilds... at least in theory. As it stands on Cenarius, we have just 3 guilds that can clear BWL, and only one that can be considered "advanced"... downed C'thun and is working on Naxx. No one outside those guilds has any gear, expansion world pvp will be a joke, etc etc. This includes me - mine is just starting BWL.

Anyway, I'm wondering what the guild progression is like on Hordeside Uther, whether there's an oversupply of mages as there is on Cen, whether a competitive pvp culture exists at all, and whether there are wait queues and such... I noticed you have 21,000 total players. Just scouting the joint before I plunk down my $25. I probably wouldn't be applying to any guilds until I reach the late 60's, at which point everyone's gear will probably be close to equal. Though I'll probably spend all my time in the arena anyway.
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