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Well, last night was a wonderful time.  Best time I've had in awhile.  We (Irony) finally downed Patchwerk.  Was the greatest feeling I've had in quite some time :D  So good to see that jerk go down.  After that we played frogger... we were rather disappointed that there were only 3 rows of slimes :(  Yet 10 people still managed to bite it.  Took screenshots and will tease them for awhile ;)  hehehe.  Ran in, downed Grobbulus.  Took us a few tries, organizing where people should be running to blow up so they don't make a mess everywhere but went pretty smoothly.  Not such an exciting kill, but hey.  It's progression and free frost resist gear loot .

Last night was my first attempt at whack-a-mole healing in over a year.  Had up lovely CTRaid individual boxes for group, and used WoW's interface for class boxes.  Went pretty well healing wise, still working to adjust to lack of decursive.  (thank you poison cleansing totem... I love you)  I see the windows change colors, I know what flavor debuff it is... but I can't remember what hotkeys I've programmed in for cure disease/poison hehe.  Will take a bit of work, but should be np.  What are the rest of you healer types planning on doing?  What addons will you be using instead of emergency monitor type things, how are you setting up your screens, etc?  I'll try and grab a screenie of my new setup tonight to show off.  Assuming servers come back up without a hitch, etc :D

Excited also about new talents.  I'm a slacker so I'm not entirely sure what all they put in this patch beyond easily attainable HWL weapons/armor, new talents, and destroyed healing as most people know it.  Death of dynamic emergency monitors, decursive, did they put in the nerf to ranked down healing this patch, too?  What I'm desperately curious about is the stacking HoTs.  Was that put in, how high do they stack, etc etc etc.  I WANT TO KNOW!  hehe.  Will do wonders for trivializing a lot of Naxx content.
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