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Gruul's Lair!

Well we had our first real attempt at Gruul's Lair last night.  Maulgar is... interesting!  We almost got him, had all his adds down and started working on him and lost it.  Tragically that was our last attempt as several healers needed to get going.  Hopefully tonight ^^

For those not familiar it's the first 25-man raid content in TBC.  No key required to get in.  It's out in Blade's Edge.  Your first fight is High King Maulgar (ugliest ogre ever!) and 4 of his buddies.  He has a priest, warlock, shaman and mage adds.  It's pretty interesting and brings a lot of classes out to shine.

Mage add needs to be tanked by a mage who can spellsteal his shield thingie.  Lock needs to be tanked by his own felhunters so you need a few warlocks on enslave duty (more than one, since he deathcoils).  Shaman we're hunter kiting.  Priest is easy, just gotta burn him down and interrupt his heals.

Maulgar, however, hits like a gd truck.  No joke.  Trond was getting nailed with 5 digit crushing hits.  aiyee yayay.

So yeah, I'm out piddling around, farming up more mana pots since I burned through my stash last night.  F netherbloom!  gah.  Was really nice to get back to raiding.  Little rusty since most of us haven't done much anything beyond 5-man since pre-TBC, but that'll work itself out in a day or two once we're back in the swing of things.

Ah, not sure if it's been officially said or not yet, but I know Irony is looking to pick up some druids and locks.  Can chat up Munny, Moorog, Trondheim or Timmak about it. is zee website if you wanna drop an app (or recommend friends) after chatting up the officers.  I think the only real requirement at this point is to be Karazhan keyed, which I'm more than happy to help with the instance runs required for it (Pele in game).  No spec limitations that I'm aware of, our two druids are both resto spec atm but I imagine there would be some happiness to pick up a feral tank or two.
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