Number 201, reporting for duty, sir. (z_o_e) wrote in wow_uther,
Number 201, reporting for duty, sir.

New Uther guild

Hello. Death and Taxis is a new guild on Uther, alliance side, and we're looking for people who are tired of trying to find PUGs. We're a casual guild, looking for people 60-70, mostly for 5-mans, and perhaps eventually Karazhan and beyond. We would prefer people who are mature, are capable and willing to speak in full sentences, don't take themselves too seriously, and are fun and laid back. We want to help you get your heroic keys, so you can help us run heroic instances. We will have a vent server, and a website in the not-too-distant future. Message me in game if you're interested or would like more info... I'm usually on as either Serrafina, Meji, or Cheiri.

And yes, the guild name is intended as a joke. :)
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