dogmadeth (dogmadeth) wrote in wow_uther,

Grave Dancers Union (Horde)

Hello, this group was just brought to my attention via one of my guildies.  Thought I would say hello.  I am Vic, a 70 elemental shaman on Uther.  I also have a 70 Hunter, Psycotron.  I also have many other alts on horde side.

I am the Guild Master (Mastermind) of the Grave Dancers Union (GDU).  GDU just celebrated its 3rd birthday on Uther and we would like to invite anyone who is intrested to apply.

You can apply via a forum post on our website, which can be found at,  Please read our mission statement in the middle of the main page before applying.  I can not stress enough that we are NOT a raiding guild.

Vic, Mastermind of Grave Dancers Union

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