Jesse (pelers) wrote in wow_uther,

What's up ^^

Wow we've been a pretty silent community of late.  How has everyone been?  Enjoying TBC?

I've been having a fairly decent time all around, I suppose.  Not a big fan of faction grinding, but at least it isn't as bad as trying to rep up Timbermaw or something :X 

Alchemy is driving me absolutely batty.  I've gotten most of the static spawn drops (except for a few out of instances).  Holy Protection recipe is evading me.  The idea of "discovering" new recipes from making others is pretty neat, but again... it's been a total frustration to me.  For a week or two I was busting out a few hundred pots daily and managed to discover absolutely nada.  Pretty much giving up on going out of my way on it.  I'm hoping when raiding starts up in earnest again soon I'll have more luck doing pot combines for guildies.

Anyone have any idea whatever happened to that "live maintenance" thing they were trying to do?  I think they did it once, sometime pre-TBC, but never saw it happen again.  (By "live maintenance" I mean when they tried to do maint without the Tuesday downtime.)

Anywho, pretty bored.  If anyone needs a healer (or fakedps) for something horde-side holler at me :)  If I'm not wrapped up in a guild group I'm usually pretty happy to go.  Instances I'm actively LOOKING for (for recipes) are Old Hillsbrad, Mana Tombs and Mechanar, and could use some Shattered Halls love for rep :X  I slack and wound up skipping most of that zone leveling so I'm a wee bit behind on the rep curve.  But yeah, happy to do anything.  Sitting around in Shatt twiddling my thumbs kinda sucks!
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